12 Days of Christmas — NFT Collection 2021

2 min readDec 10, 2021


We are very excited about our upcoming NFT collection, officially launching on December 13th — not for sale, only for contest winners and VIPs.

Our Tweet offer to Elon Musk — https://twitter.com/MetaSantaBSC/status/1469396857713422337

These NFTs feature a fun, crypto-flavored take on the traditional Christmas song, with each day being a play on the original.

We are minting a handful of exclusive versions meant for the visionary who inspired the mintage (or the charity of their choice).

On December 10th, we unveiled our “Eleven Elons Piping” NFT, representing the 11th day of Christmas, and have done an exclusive mintage that we have offered to send to Elon Musk, or the charity of his choice.

We are excited to unveil more in the days leading up to December 13th!

All distributions from this collection will be randomized, with each day featuring “Common”, “Uncommon” and “Rare” versions (as well as the “Legendary” version, minted exclusively for the visionary featured in the artwork).

For more information about MetaSanta, visit our official website, Twitter or Telegram.

Eleven Elons Piping — NFT Design




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