MetaSanta NFT — FAQ

“I Saved Christmas” NFTs

There is a special edition NFT that went to many original holders based on a contest in the first week, called the “I Saved Christmas” NFT.

  1. Had tokens in the original contract where trading was halted on Monday, November 22nd, so the new contract could be prepared.
  2. Sent those old tokens BACK to the dev wallet as instructed by 20:00 UTC on Saturday, November 27th.
Sample of “I Saved Christmas” NFT, 2021, Common

Where can I see my NFT?

The best place is in your mobile device’s Trust Wallet or MetaMask Wallet.

I still can’t see my NFT?

Sometimes it doesn’t show in your wallet right away.

How much is my NFT worth? Where can I sell it?

Your NFT is a “digital asset”, very similar to a token. What it’s worth is what somebody else is willing to pay for it.



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